Information on Maintaining Order and Cleanliness in the Common Areas of the Dormitories

In order to maintain order and cleanliness in the dormitories of Vytautas Magnus university and after taking into consideration survey results of the residents of VMU dormitories related to maintenance of cleanliness in common areas, we kindly ask dormitory residents to pay attention to the schedules prepared by the Administration of the dormitory and to follow them starting from November 16th, 2020. This procedure was already used in VMU dormitories no. 1 “Taika” and no. 2 “Baltija” and from November 16th it shall come into force in all dormitories of the University.

Dormitory cleaners will continue to clean kitchens during the week, however, in order to maintain a cozy and pleasant environment (especially when cleaners are not in attendance, i. e. on weekends and during public holidays), we kindly ask you to show your solidarity and community spirit and to follow the on-call schedules in blocks of rooms as well as in kitchen areas.

Please note, that, if due to personal reasons, you are not in the dormitory during the designated on-call time, we recommend you to ask your roommates, block-mates or friends to carry out your duties at this time (change on-call times among yourselves).

We want to emphasize, that the duty of residents to maintain cleanliness and order in the common areas of dormitories is also specified in the internal rules of dormitories of Vytautas Magnus university in the following sections:

  1. Resident is obliged:

3.15. To maintain cleanliness and order, to maintain and protect equipment, inventory and other property kept in the room or the public (common) areas of the dormitory;

3.16. To fulfil obligations set by the University to the Resident, that are related to maintaining cleanliness and order in public (common) areas of the dormitory.

Thank You all for Your understanding and cooperation!

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: (8 37) 751 175.