A Survey of the Quality of Accommodation Services is Being Conducted

From May 11, 2020, on the initiative of Student Affairs department, „Survey of the Quality of Accommodation Services“ is being conducted for the very first time. Students, who are living in the dormitories are requested to evaluate living conditions and services, that are provided in the dormitories of Vytautas Magnus university. Link to the survey was send to all the residents by an e-mail to their personal e-mail address.

We kindly invite students to participate in the survey and submit their evaluation, opinions and suggestions, that would help to improve the performance and services provided in the dormitories. We are hoping for ~10 minutes of your time, that you would dedicate for completing this questionnaire. It is intended to conduct this survey every year in the future in order to compare the results and to deliver changes of accommodation services. Summarised results will be also published on http://accommodation.vdu.lt/.

Thank you for your active participation and contribution.