Accommodation for Others

Vytautas Magnus University may offer accommodation in the guest rooms of the dormitories located in Kaunas, Akademija (Kaunas District) and Vilnius for other persons, who are not students or staff members of Vytautas Magnus University.

Natural or legal persons, who are interested in accommodation in the dormitories of VMU, shall contact Student Affairs Department.

After receiving an approval of the University, natural or legal person shall:

  • create a personal account on while choosing the section Accommodation for Others;
  • in the section Dormitories / Accommodation in Guest Rooms reserve one of the places of residence from the provided list of vacant rooms;
  • receive an e-mail which is sent to your mailbox with the information, if your room reservation in the dormitory of Vytautas Magnus University was confirmed or declined (University keeps a right to decline any reservation);
  • receive a second e-mail sent to your VMU mailbox about prepared Agreement for Accommodation and sign your online Agreement for Accommodation on (Accommodation for Others), within three (3) working days after receiving an e-mail;
  • check-in into the dormitory on a reservation date (check-in procedure).