Accommodation for VMU employees

Academic and non-academic staff members of  Vytautas Magnus University are accommodated in the dormitory rooms which are designed for the guests.

Staff members who want to reserve a room or a place in it, have to follow these steps:

  • login to (VMU employees accommodation), with your VMU login credentials (ID name – VMU mailbox address, password – one that you have created and are using in other VMU systems);
  • in the same section Dormitories / Accommodation in Guest Rooms reserve one of the places of residence from the provided list of vacant rooms;
  • receive an e-mail which is sent to your VMU mailbox with the information, if confirmed or declined (University keeps a right to decline any reservation);
  • receive a second e-mail send to your VMU mailbox about prepared Agreement for Accommodation and sign your online Agreement for Accommodation on (VMU employees accommodation), within three (3) working days after receiving an e-mail;
  • check-in into the dormitory on a reservation date (check-in procedure).