Dormitories self-government

About dormitories self-government

Residents’ self-governments are acting in each dormitory of Vytautas Magnus university. It represents activities of the Residents, that are legalised by the University, which goals are to solve communal questions of Residents at it is implemented through:

  • General Resident Meeting – highest authority of Resident self-governance, established to deal communal issues of Residents
  • Dormitory council – collegial Resident self-government body acting in the dormitory of the University
  • Chairperson of Dormitory council – sole Resident self-government body acting in the dormitory of the University, who legally represents interests of Dormitory residents and mediates in cases of misunderstandings or problems between residents and University’s (dormitory’s) administration
  • Floor Elder – a person elected by the residents of the floor who is responsible for the transmission and dissemination of information between the residents of the floor and the Chairperson, and for the mediation of problems between the residents and the administration of the University (dormitory).

Dormitory self-government activities are coordinated by Student Affairs Department in cooperation with Student Representative Council.

Chairperson of Dormitory and Dormitory Council

Chairperson of the dormitory forms and heads for the Dormitory council consisting of the Chairperson and the elders of the floors. DC members help the Chairperson implement following goals:

  • To represent the interests of the dormitory Residents in University‘s (dormitory‘s) administration
  • To represent University (dormitory) requirements among residents
  • To maintain the integrity of community
  • To carry out social and cultural activities
  • To mediate in cases of misunderstandings or problems between residents or residents and administration

Chairperson of the Dormitory is being elected by the General Resident Meeting, after the selection process, held by university’s Student Affairs Department and Student Representative Council.


Dormitories self-government

Each dormitory of Vytautas Magnus University has a self-government that deals with various community issues of dormitory residents