Accommodation for students’ guests

Students, who are currently living in the dormitory of VMU and whose Agreement for Accommodation was concluded for a whole duration of their studies or one academic year,  have the right to reserve place of residence for their guests for a period no longer than 7 (seven) calendar days. Reservation procedure is following:

  • To make a prior reservation of a guest room or one place in the room (system will be active and reservations shall be made from Monday 12:00 AM to Thursday 11:59 PM (from Friday to Sunday reservations are not accepted)):
  • To receive an email of confirmation of reservation of the residence place or the room:
    • For VMU students it is send to University’s email mailbox
    • For non-VMU students it is send to an email, that was provided to VMU
  • IMPORTANT: after receiving confirmation of the reservation, it can be cancelled no later than 2 (two) working days before the envisaged date of arrival. For cancellation, student shall email, while indicating information about the guest, reserved place of residence, name, and surname
  • To check-in to the reserved place of residence during the period of reservation

Check-in procedure for the students’ guests

Guests shall be accommodated only in the specially designed rooms and their check-in and check-out procedure is conducted by a responsible officer of University (Dormitory) Administration. A responsible officer enters actual date of the check-in and check-out of the guest room, gives the keys of the room, dormitory entrance card (if needed) and bed linen.

Check-in to the guest room is allowed from 14:00 (2 PM), check-out must take place before 12:00 (12 PM). However, upon the request of a student and according to the possibilities of the time, responsible officer of the University (Dormitory) Administration has a right to change the check-in or check-out time.

During the check-in to the dormitory guest of the student must provide personal documents, that confirms one’s identity.

The resident shall welcome one’s guest and inform them about the Internal Rules of the Dormitories, as well as other internal legal acts of the University of Republic of Lithuania. Student takes full responsibility for the behavior of one’s guests.