Car parking

Car parking in the parking lots operated with car parking barriers

Permissions for the car parking in the parking lots, operated with car barriers, are given only for students of VMU who are currently living in the dormitories.

Students can reserve car parking spots in the following parking lots, operated with car barriers:

  • Dormitory No. 2, Vytauto pr. 71, Kaunas (12 pl., 2 of those are of those are designated for disabled drivers)
  • Dormitory No. 4, Studentų g. 1, Kaunas District, Akademija (24 pl.)
  • Dormitory No. 8, Studentų g. 5, Kaunas District, Akademija (Parking Lot A – 18 pl., Parking Lot B – 24 pl.)
  • Dormitory No. 10, Studentų g. 7, Kaunas District, Akademija (25 pl.)

Students, who are currently living in the dormitory located at Vytauto pr. 71, can reserve parking spot only in the parking lot by this dormitory.  Students, who are currently living in the dormitories located in Akademija, can reserve parking spot in any of the parking lots in Akademija, Kaunas District.

Car parking fee – 10 EUR/per month. Fee is non-refundable and is added every month to the Student Portal and has to be paid before the end of the month.

Request for parking spot reservation shall be submitted in the following order:

  • In order to reserve parking space for a current month, request shall be submitted on by 15th day of a current month.
  • In order to reserve parking space starting from the next month, request shall be submitted on by 25th day of a current month.
  • Parking spot and access to the parking lot (when reading licence plate numbers) shall be permitted optionally for current or next month, but no later than in three working days after submitting the request.

Residents who want to reserve parking spot has to use the Portal in the following order:

  • In the section “Applications” choose subsection “Parking” and “Submit parking request”:
    • Indicate make and model of the car
    • Indicate licence plate number of the car
    • Choose from the provided list a preferred dormitory, where you want to park your car
    • Choose the parking lot (if necessary)
    • (if necessary) indicate month, starting from which you intend to park your car (reservations for current month are allowed only until 15th day of the current month)
    • Choose one of the vacant parking spots (shown in yellow colour) from the offered list (occupied spots are shown in red colour) and mark it in the parking lot scheme (shown in green colour)
    • Indicate for how many months you want to reserve the parking spot
    • Agree with conditions that are set in the Instructions for Provision and Usage of Parking Space at the Parking Lots of Dormitories of Vytautas Magnus University and submit the request.
  • Wait for a confirmation email, which will be send to your VMU electronic mailbox.
  • Start parking your car from the referred date.


  • After your reservation for the parking spot has been confirmed, you may check your request and make its changes (e.g. to prematurely cancel your reservation) on the portal , section „Applications“ subsection “Parking” and “All requests”
  • All further requests shall be submitted on the portal , section „Applications“, subsection “Parking”