Isolation Exemptions For Residents Arriving From Abroad

In accordance to the information of the National Public Health Center (NPHC) following residents of VMU dormitories, who are arriving/returning from abroad, may be granted testing and self-isolation exemptions:

  • those holding a medical document confirming that they recovered from coronavirus diagnosed on the basis of a positive COVID-19 PCR test or an antigen test and that maximum 180 days have passed from the positive testing until the return/entry to the of Lithuania;
  • those holding a medical document, a country-specific vaccination certificate, or an international vaccination certificate confirming that they have gone through the full programme of COVID-19 vaccination with vaccine registered in the Europen Union Register of Medicinal Products.

IMPORTANT: Persons, who wants to use isolation exemptions possibilities, must send the documents (in Lithuanian, English or Russian language) confirming the results of the COVID-19 test or vaccination or recovery to the Student Centre by an email before coming to Lithuania and get permission to not be isolated.

The applicable self-isolation exemption will also have to be noted in the NPHC online registration form. The documentation supporting the exemption will have to be shown at a request by the NPHC staff or officers in charge of checks for compliance with isolation requirements.

More information is published on the website of NHPC

Important information on a mandatory self-isolation and restrictions in dormitories is published here.

If you have any questions, please contact VMU Student Centre (SAD) by an email or by phone +370 37 751 175