Conditions and Regulations for Students’ Returning to the Dormitory After Travelling (information updated 03.10)

Information updated 11:40, 10th March 2021

Students who are living in one of the dormitories of VMU and who are planning to return to the dormitory after traveling to other countries will be required to cover the costs of their self-isolation, testing for COVID-19 (if required), their meals, and other personal expenses by themselves. Self-isolation can be carried out only in specially designed rooms (except cases when a resident is living in a single bedroom with a separate bathroom).

All residents, who have already left Lithuania or are planning to travel for a short period of time must fill-out this form. This information is required in order to contribute to pandemic management and comply with all COVID-19 prevention requirements.

  • Please note, that for residents who are returning to the dormitory after traveling to other countries from the 15th of February, 2021, a 10-day self-isolation is mandatory, with a possibility of shortening the isolation time by taking an RT-PCR test at their own expense, on the 7th-day isolation.
  • For those, who arrived until the 15th of February, 2021, previous requirements are applicable: the self-isolation period is 14-days, with the possibility of shortening the isolation time on the 10th day if the coronavirus test is negative.

Residents can register for the coronavirus test by calling 1808. The test is free of charge.

New ENTRY requirement: all persons arriving to Lithuania are required to have the coronavirus test  (RT-PCR or antigen test taken not more than 72 hours before arrival). The RT-PCR test must be taken before returning to Lithuania.

NOTE: antibody test results are not acceptable.

However, even if the isolation period is shortened, it is necessary to limit contact with other people, wear a face mask (covering mouth and nose), keep a safe distance, and follow other general coronavirus prevention measures. Students who after their self-isolation are moving to two-beds rooms are recommended to complete a 10-day self-isolation.

Self-isolation shall be performed in specially designed guest rooms.

If you take the test upon your arrival, please use the Bolt app (taxi – protect) services, which you will pay by yourself.

Students who travel from Lithuania to the COVID-19 affected countries have to book a guest room through the Student Self-service Portal > Dormitories > Accommodation in Guest Rooms, before their intended return (note, that number of rooms is limited and reservation shall be made as early as possible). Accommodation fees is calculated according to the type of room and a full list of room prices is available here (you need to look at prices for  VMU students – Short Term Accommodation).  If a student is reserving a non-single room, the fee is calculated for an entire room (two places) with an exception if it is shared with another person.

Upon the return to the dormitory, the resident must:

  • arrange transportation from the airport (or port, bus station, etc.) to the dormitory and meals during the period of self-isolation. You can use Bolt app or taxi services (type of vehicle – Protect) to reach your place of residence. Please note that you cannot use public transportation.

During the period of self-isolation we highly recommend you to use the following and similar websites regarding the meals’ ordering:

If you need pharmacy services (medicines, supplements, vitamins, etc.), we recommend to use this and similar websites:

  • submit your data to the National Public Health Centre (NPHC): before boarding a plane, ferry, bus, train, and present the confirmation received (the QR code) during the boarding. In case you are travelling by land, it is obligatory to register to the NPHC within 12 hours after the arrival to Lithuania;
  • it is necessary to wear a nose and mouth covering mask in public, including when entering the dormitory;
  • use hand sanitizer at the entrance;
  • allow your body temperature to be checked;
  • sincerely answer questions of the Dormitory’s administrator;
  • follow the recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you have a fever, are sick, or have any possible symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of sense of smell or taste, muscle pain, or headache), please immediately contact dormitory’s administrator.

Important information for students who are self-isolation can be found here.

IMPORTANT: if you have done a COVID-19 test and received positive results, please immediately inform your Dormitory’s administrator and email Student Centre (

In case of a situation that there are not enough places for self-isolation in VMU dormitories, students may choose to perform their self-isolation in hotels or other private companies or institutions, that provide accommodation services.

For more information:

Student Centre (Student Affairs Department)

Phone: (8 37) 751 175