Wanted Dormitory Chairperson in VMU Dormitory No. 6

Vytautas Magnus University, has announced the election to the Dormitory’s Council, which is organized in accordance to VMU Dormitory Self-government regulations.

The Chairperson of Dormitory Council is still wanted in VMU dormitory No. 6, so we invite the residents of this dormitory become the Chairperson, if you:

  • are student of VMU;
  • are motivated;
  • have skills of time management;
  • have experience in social activities;
  • live in this dormitory;
  • your activities within the University are appraised only positively.

The Chairperson of Dormitory Council has:

  • carry out social and cultural activities;
  • maintain integrity of community;
  • represent interests of dormitory Residents in University’s (dormitory’s) administration;
  • represent University (dormitory) requirements among residents;
  • mediate in case of misunderstandings or problems between residents or residents and administration.

After becoming a Chairperson, you will be exempted from paying dormitory accommodation fees for academic year (starting at November) 2020 / 2021.

If you are interested to become a Chairperson of VMU Dormitory No. 6, submit your application and participate in the competition for a position until 25th of October 2020. 

More information about Dormitory’s Self-government you can find here.