The most important dates and terms of accommodation of 2022 / 2023

We would like to inform you about the most important dates and terms for the accommodation of our international students in the dormitories of Vytautas Magnus University during the Autumn semester of the 2022/2023 academic year: 


Accommodation of NEW international students, studying full-time or coming for exchange studies 

From 2022.07.01 

From this date, all new international students of Vytautas Magnus university, will be allowed to book a place of accommodation in VMU dormitories (places of accommodation, reserved prior to this date, will be cancelled).  

More detailed information about accommodation procedure you will find here

Until 2022.08.31 

Reservations made by new international students are kept until this date. If the student does not arrive and move into the dormitory by this date – the reservation will be cancelled. 

  Accommodation of SENIOR students 
2022.05.30 – 2022.06.15 

Graduating students have to submit the application for the accommodation during summer period (from July 1st, 2022, to August 15th, 2022).  

More information can be found here. 

Until 2022.06.15 

New reservations are allowed by choosing rooms from the list of available places, for the period until June 30, 2022 (available only for the dormitory No. 6, in Vilnius).   

By 2022.06.30 

Persons, whose Agreements for Accommodation are valid only until June 30, 2022, and whose Agreements will no longer be renewed (non-VMU students; VMU graduates who have not applied for a further extension; persons who have been imposed disciplinary sanctions; etc.) must move out of the dormitories of VMU. 

More information on contract renewal options can be found here. 

From 2022.07.01 

VMU students whose Agreements for Accommodation have been renewed must sign it online on 

By 2022.08.15 

Persons whose Agreements for Accommodation have been extended only for the summer period have to move out of the VMU dormitories. 

From 2022.08.16 

List of remaining vacant rooms will be published for senior year students of VMU.   

From 2022.10.01 


Applications will be accepted for accommodation in VMU dormitory No 6, in Vilnius.   

More information will be available at the end of August on our website 

From 2022.10.01 

Announcement of remaining places for all students (not only for VMU).