Stand for election to the Dormitory‘s Council

Vytautas Magnus University, has announced the election to the Dormitory’s Council, which is organized in accordance to VMU Dormitory Self-government regulations.

If you are living in VMU dormitory No. 2 Vytauto pr. 71 (BALTIJA), Kaunas, No. 6 A. Vivulskio str. 36 (VIVULSKIS), Vilnius or No. 5 Universiteto str. 8 Akademija, Kaunas District and you are interested to become the Chairperson of Dormitory’s Council then all you need to do is to fill this electronic application until 1st of October, 2020 and to comply the following criteria:

  • you have to study in Vytautas Magnus University
  • you have to be motivated
  • you have to make a one-year activities plan for the Council
  • you have to have experience in social activities
  • have to live in one of VMU dormitory
  • you cannot have penalties for infringements of the University internal legal acts

The Chairperson of the Dormitory’s Council is elected in three stages:

I stage – candidate applies for this position, by filling this questionnaire until October 1st, 2020, 12 a. m.

II stage – candidates selected by the Students’ Representative Council and the Student Affairs Department are invited to attend the meeting of Selection committee

III stage – candidates has to participate in Election of Dormitory Council’s Chairperson which will be held in general meeting of residents of the dormitory

Person who is interested to become the Chairperson of the Dormitory’s Council together with the electronic application form has to submit following information:

  • personal data
  • a letter of motivation
  • to describe in a narrative form a one-year activities plan of Dormitory’s council
  • curriculum vitae (CV)

Dormitory’s Council and the Chairperson

We want to remind you, that the chairperson has a right and power to form and manage Dormitory’s Council.

The elected chairperson of the dormitory will be exempted from payment of the accommodation fee for 2020 / 2021 academic year (from 1st of October 2020 until 30th of June 2021).

The main purpose of Dormitory’s council is to help the Chairperson to implement following objectives:

  • to represent the interests of the dormitory residents in University’s (dormitory’s) administration
  • to represent University (dormitory) requirements among residents
  • to maintain the integrity of community
  • to carry out social and cultural activities
  • to mediate in cases of misunderstandings or problems between residents or residents and administration

The Chairperson of the Dormitory’s Council is elected annually in the beginning of each academic year by the general meeting of residents of the dormitory after the selection procedure performed by the Student’s Representative Council and Student Affairs Department.

More information about dormitory’s self-government

For more information please contact

Student Affairs Department

Address: S. Daukanto str. 27-210, Kaunas

Phone: +370 37 751 175