Possibility to Postpone the Payment of Accommodation Fees During Quarantine

We want to inform that students, who are living in the dormitories of Vytautas Magnus university in Kaunas, Kaunas District, or Vilnius, and who due to financial difficulties cannot pay their accommodation fees in time set by University and specified in the Agreement for Accommodation, may apply for a postponement of the deadline for the payment until the end of quarantine period in Lithuania.

Residents may apply for an individual payment schedule or for payment in instalments (when resident is paying part of the accommodation fees for month and gets permission to pay the rest later).

In order to apply for the postponement of the deadline, resident shall personally contact VMU Student Centre by an email studentas@vdu.lt

In case of questions please contact Student Centre:

Email studentas@vdu.lt

Phone no (8 37) 751 175