Possibility of changing the room of the dormitory dormitory during the period of quarantine (updated 05.11)

Starting from May 11th, 2020, students living in VMU dormitories will be able to change dormitory rooms to vacant places not only in the same dormitory where they live (this opportunity has been granted since April 1st) but also between dormitories. Residents shall check the list of vacant rooms and make new reservations on http://studentas.vdu.lt.

IMPORTANT: Students who wish to change their place of residence between dormitories will not be able to take the opportunity to keep it until the 31st of July, i. e. neither the new nor the former residence will be retained until the specified date if they are evicted.

We want to remind that during the nationwide quarantine announced by the Government of Lithuania new residents will not be accommodated in the dormitories of VMU (reservations will be canceled), all residents are also banned from inviting guests to the dormitory. Gatherings and organization of common activities in the shared areas (e.g. kitchens, smoking rooms, reading rooms, etc.) and rooms of the dormitories are also banned (residents, who will violate this order shall be imposed disciplinary penalties).

For more information please contact: e-mail studentas@vdu.lt or phone 8-37 75 11 75