In dormitories installed new self-service laundry app

A new self-service laundry app has been installed in VMU dormitory No. 2 “Baltija” and dormitory No. 5, which will allow dormitory residents to take care of their laundry more conveniently, to pay with their card, and to select and monitor the laundry process on their smartphones.

By downloading and using the “Wash it by Primus” app, dormitory residents will be able to:

  • know in real-time whether the washing machines are available or occupied;
  • select and monitor their preferred washing or drying cycle;
  • make credit/debit card payments.

To use the laundry app, residents will need to follow four steps:

  1. Download the “Wash it by Primus” app, available on the App store or Google play;
  2. Top up your virtual wallet balance;
  3. Select the washing machine or tumble dryer you want;
  4. Wash and dry.

Full instructions and links on how to download and use the “Wash it by Primus” app here: