During the quarantine, it is possible for VMU students who are unable to study remotely to move into dormitories

Taking into account the Government of the Republic of Lithuania 2020 May 13th No. 475, which from May 25th allowed to carry out higher education studies that cannot be carried out remotely, Vytautas Magnus University from this year May 25th allows new residents, VMU students, to stay in the university dormitories, who have http://studentas.vdu.lt before submitting a place by submitting a motivated application for accommodation by e-mail studentas@vdu.lt and obtain a consent to stay in VMU dormitory.

Persons staying in a dormitory must indicate that during the stay:

  • they did not develop a fever (37,7°C and above) and did not show signs of acute upper respiratory tract infections, acute intestinal infections and other communicable diseases (e.g. cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, etc.);
  • does not suffer from chronic diseases specified in serious chronic diseases for which a person is issued a certificate of incapacity for work during an emergency of quarantine period;
  • does not live with persons subjected to the necessary isolation due to the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection, or returned from it and performed the compulsory 14 days self-isolated period (except for the countries specified by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania). We remind you that returning from foreign countries must fill in the questionnaire provided by the National Public Health Centre and must isolate themselves in Lithuania (at home or in a place designated by the municipality) for 14 days by calling 1808 to register and check for coronavirus infection at a mobile point.

IMPORTANT: students wishing to move to Vytautas Magnus University dormitories are recommended to critically evaluate all other accommodation options, not only dormitory, choosing the safest one.

The decision on the possibility of providing a place to live will be made taking into account the reasons given by the students for staying in the dormitory and the conditions applicable to such accommodation. Please note that guests are not allowed in the dormitory.

In the dormitory, all new and arriving students will be required to check the temperature and follow all quarantine instructions in the dormitory.

For more information, contact by e-mail studentas@vdu.lt or phone: (8 37) 751 175