Conditions and Regulations for Students Returning to the Dormitory after Travelling (information updated 2021.07.09)

Students who are residents in one of the dormitories of VMU and who are planning to return to the dormitory after traveling, will be required to cover the costs of their self-isolation, testing for COVID-19 (if required), their meals, and other personal expenses by themselves. Self-isolation can be carried out only in specially designed rooms (except cases when a resident is living in a single bedroom with a separate bathroom).

All residents, who have already left Lithuania or are planning to travel for a short period, and intend to return to the dormitory must fill-out this form. This information is required in order to contribute to pandemic management and comply with all COVID-19 prevention requirements.

For more information:

Student Centre (Student Affairs Department)

Phone: (8 37) 751 175