Accommodation for other (not VMU) students (information updated 03.08)

Please be informed that accommodation of students of other (non-VMU) higher education institutions is opened under the following conditions:

  • Students must be living in Lithuania for at least 14 days prior to the application and have not had contact with persons known to be infected with COVID-19 (self-isolation in the dormitory is not permitted);
  • Students may reserve one of the available rooms on the List of Vacant Rooms while uploading required documents (Certificate of Student Status issued by the higher education institution and an additional document proving that person was in Lithuania for the last 14 days);
  • After receiving confirmation of reservation, within 3 working days, the student needs to sign an Agreement for Accommodation and move into the dormitory. Students are accommodated only on weekdays from 9 AM (9:00) to 3 PM (15:00).

University keeps a right to not accommodate students, even after confirming the reservation, signing the Accommodation Agreement, and completing the specified procedure, if their health condition is not satisfactory (student has symptoms of COVID-19) or for other reasons, due to which persons does not meet the specified requirements.

Conditions of accommodation may be changed upon the recommendation of the National Center for Public Health (NVSC) or by the decision of the university depending on the epidemiological situation. The updated conditions are published on the website, in the News section (the conditions come into force from the date of publication).

In case of questions please contact Student Centre (Student Affairs Department):