A Survey of the Quality of Accommodation Services is Being Conducted

Last year, at the initiative of the VMU Student Affairs department, a university-level „Survey of the Quality of Accommodation Services“ is being conducted for the very first time. The purpose of the survey is to find out the opinion of persons living in VMU dormitories about accommodation conditions and provided services.

We kindly invite students who live in VMU dormitories in Kaunas, Akademija (Kaunas District), or Vilnius to participate in this year’s survey and evaluate their opinions and suggestions, which would help to improve the performance and services provided in dormitories. We are hoping for ~10 minutes of your time, that you would dedicate to completing this questionnaire. The link to the survey was sent to all the residents by e-mail to their personal e-mail addresses. We invite you to fill in the survey by May 26, 2021. 

Taking into account the results of last year survey, in order to create favorable and comfortable living conditions for students living in VMU dormitories, certain changes in dormitories have been implemented and certain goals for 2021 have been set:


No. Dormitory Major changes that were made during 2020 Planned activities for year 2021
1 No. 2, located at the address Vytauto  pr. 71, Kaunas

Changed types of rooms, since Autumn 2020 there are single-bed, two-bed rooms or single-bed/two-bed in the block of rooms. Locking of kitchens during night has been abandoned; set schedules for room cleaning; sink strainers placed in kitchens’ sinks; repaired table of ping pong;


Broken refrigerators were replaced with new ones (refrigerators were also placed in the guest rooms).

It is planned to install recycling containers.
2 No. 5, located at the address Universiteto st. 8, Akademija, Kaunas District Installed surveillance cameras and WiFi throughout the entire dormitory; created separate premises for playing music; lobbies of the fire staircases were turned into areas that are being used by students (for their leisure time, reading rooms, sports activities, meetings) by isolating lounge with a separate doors; newly constructed two kitchens (installed new induction hot plates, new ovens, kitchen worktops, sink strainers placed in the sinks);  hot plates installed in the guest rooms; snack and coffee vending machines placed in the dormitory.

Some kitchens will be renovated.

An outdoor bicycle parking space will be installed.

Newly renovated rooms on the 1st floor, where students will be able to be accommodated in single-bed or two-bed rooms, by also creating an equipped kitchen.

It is planned to install recycling containers.

Snack and coffee vending machines planned to be placed.

3 No. 6, located at the address A. Vivulskio str. 36, Vilnius

Extended WiFi zones – they were installed at 11th, 4th and 1st floor; surveillance cameras installed on 11th, 4th and 1st floor; introduced SALTO entrance system;

Established two block rooms on the 1st floor, designed for students with disabilities; renovated 1st floor: moved washing machine, constructed an equipped kitchen, rooms for guests; constructed and repaired kitchens on each floor of the dormitory.

Planned major repairs of the 3rd floor;

It is planned to install surveillance cameras and WiFi throughout the entire dormitory;

It is planned to create a reading room, leisure and sports area on the 12th floor.

Also in 2020 the guest room reservation system and its portal were updated. In 2021, it is planned to change the student room reservation portal and reservation system to make it more user-friendly.

It is intended to conduct this survey every year in the future in order to compare the results and to deliver changes of accommodation services. Summarised results will be also published on http://accommodation.vdu.lt/.

Thank you for your active participation and contribution.